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The Most Promising Future Starts from Trivial Issues: Sichuan Zhongqiao Group An

2015-03-20 23:44:00  來源:忠橋集團

       On June 8, 2014, 9 a.m. Sichuan Zhongqiao Group held a grand anniversary ceremony and the opening ceremony of China Democratic National Construction Association Chengdu Economic and Trade General Branch Committee at the place of Chengdu Municipal Party School.
       The jubilant carpet, blooming flowers, delicate cakes, mellow wine, dazzling stage, and the vigorous, neatly dressed employees, all demonstrated the solemnity of the ceremony. We thank leaders for their support and favor, we thank our friends and relatives for their concern and understand and we thank Zhongqiao members for their dedication and attempt, because all outstanding performance Zhongqiao Group has achieved since established owes to you.
       The ceremony begun with the lively lion dance which symbolizes safeness, joy,wealth and indicates the faster and swifter advancement of Sichuan Zhongqiao Group. After that, the leading group including the chairman Jiang Liujun , the general manager Peng Haoxuan, the executive vice president Li Daowei, the deputy general manager Wu Weicheng, and the executive assistant and the material and equipment center director Jiang Hua collectively showed their faces.
       Then the chairman delivered his speech. He sincerely expressed his warm welcome to all the guests and made a comprehensive introduction and summary of the company`s operation, and then he made a plan and deploy for the company`s future. The address highlighted enterprise spirit “solidarity, hardworking, community service” , our group structure, namely the nine subsidiary companies and the six administration center of the headquarter, our management system “ adhering to human oriented, starting from trivial issues ” , and our business philosophy “ quality and customer first”.
       In the end, Chairman Jiang Liujun expressed heartfelt thanks to Chengdu Economic and Trade General Branch Committee for opening office in our company which injects new vitality and vigor into the group`s future. Under the concern and help of China Democratic National Construction Association leaders, Sichuan Zhongqiao Group wish to make more contributions to the local economic development in the coming tomorrow.
Following chairman`s speech, the general manager Peng Haoxuan addressed on six aspects: promoting Zhongqiao spirit, loyal to Zhongqiao career; enhancing organization building, creating a invincible army; paying close attention to project construction, insisting harmonious development; expanding business market, focusing on quality and benefit; emphasizing personnel cultivation, letting employees play their roles.
       After the speech of all leaders, there came the climax of the ceremony: the inauguration ritual of Sichuan Zhongqiao Group & China Democratic National Construction Association Chengdu Economic and Trade General Branch Committee, as well as the crystal ball ritual which stands for the solid growth and prosperity of Zhongqiao career.
       At last, guests enjoyed graceful and passionate music and dance show while having the luncheon. In the meantime, the ceremony achieved full success.
       After the ceremony, our guests paid a visit to the office building of Sichuan Zhongqiao Group, in front of which the guests took a photo together.
       Over two years arduous efforts makes today`s ceremony happen. We firmly believe that Zhongqiao Group`s today is bright, but also its tomorrow will be more splendid.
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