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       Zhongqiao group, founded in 2008 by Mr. Jiang liujun, registered 100 million yuan.Since its establishment, the company has been in the wind and rain for nearly a decade.With the support of friends from all walks of life, in all my colleagues in the unremitting efforts, the company to flourish, and actively respond to a nation's call that "to" area construction in New Jersey for purchase of office space, establishment of ML, Consulting, Inc., and loyal American branch bridge group, strong into the international trade and investment.Now company involved in power of electricity transmission &transformation facilities, project construction, municipal utilities engineering design consulting, construction of infrastructure such as domestic traditional industry and international trade, international finance, real estate development investment, and other fields, has become China's ambassador to the United States chamber of commerce member units, the United States each association chamber of commerce executive director units, the Chinese association member units, the United States chamber of commerce in New York and New Jersey, CEO of unit, the development of Chinese foreign trade association, vice President of units, China council for the promotion of economic and trade, vice President of units, chengdu economic and trade general branch committee member unit of China democratic construction society, federation commissioner units of sichuan province and chengdu city federation of industry and commerce of the standing committee and the provincial, municipal more than ten, association, vice President of units, etc.Company with industry as its mission, adhering to the "good faith together" core values, adhere to the "start bit, the pursuit of excellence" spirit of enterprise, adherence to the "sincere dedication, value return" service concept.
       Zhongqiao group owns a number of wholly-owned independent companies:Sichuan zhongqiao power engineering co., LTD.Sichuan zhongheng electric power sales co. LTD.Zhongyuan lianchuang international trading co. LTD.Sichuan zhongqiao municipal engineering co. LTD.Sichuan zhong energy electric power design consulting co. LTD.Chengdu kai - stress technology development co. LTD.Sichuan weibai and electromechanical equipment co. LTD.Chengdu zhongji technology co. LTD.Sichuan zhongjin investment co. LTD.Chengdu zhongquan trading co. LTD.ML·Consulting Inc.Zhong qiao group USA.
       Companies pay attention to the integration of the global industry resources, gather high-quality top professionals, relying on excellent international platform, mature technology, advanced machine equipment, professional integrity of high-quality service for the social from all walks of life.Internationally, it has successively facilitated the overseas financing of several enterprises, the investment of a series of government science and technology projects and the introduction of government platform talents.At home, we have successively completed a large number of quality transmission and transformation projects, municipal public projects and real estate development projects.We are well received by the superior departments and the owners, and have gained extensive and excellent social reputation.
       We warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to walk into zhongqiao, sail with zhongqiao group, take advantage of the wind and waves, seek common development and mutual benefit.
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